Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Grow Baby Grow

First of all, my feet are freezing this morning. I want socks or house-shoes but I would have to ninja dance down the hall trying desperately not to squeak, or crack, or pop the floor and wake a baby. Guess I’ll be cold.
It is time for a garden update people. I have pictures. Go me. The potatoes are growing like mad. Love it. My tomatoes are kind of an unhealthy yellow green. I really think they just are not getting enough sunlight. I had a tomato plant in the same spot last year that produced grape tomatoes until October. I guess these are more finicky. We’ll see if they make it or not.
I have carrots, lots of cute little carrots. I made the mistake of not thinning them enough last year and it really hurt them. Well to be real honest, I had one whole carrot that we were able to eat last year. It was a stunted, pitiful little thing, but we ate it and liked it. I really did not weed the garden enough and it totally killed my carrots. We are determined to get those little boogers growing this year. I’m weeding them and thinning them every other day or so, trying to keep just the carrots growing.
Okra is a growin! I replanted the areas that just were not producing plants and I plan to thin those as needed. My friendly little plant munching rabbit is wearing my poor green beans out. I do have a few bigger plants that are pulling through so I will re-seed as it warms up more. The cucumbers are doing great and the zucchinis are so-so. All of my strawberries have been eaten by that rascally rabbit.
My herb garden is so sad. I think I’m growing trees in it better than herbs, but that’s what happens when your dog wants to dig in it. I have a plan though…Muuuhahaha! My hubby will not like it, but I get whatever I want anyway (except for chickens, he truly did put his foot down on having chickens…at this house ;). This will require work from him but in the end it will save us some mowing time. I’ll let you know when my idea comes to fruition.  Have a blessed day peeps!

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  1. Loving the pics! I hope your herb plan works out like you hope!! :)


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