Thursday, May 12, 2011


I have to tell you about last night. Hubby and I finally lay down to sleep at 11:30pm. We were tired (as usual) but we still chit-chat and make each other laugh with our silliness. I won’t go into detail about our conversation but it did include Luke and Yoda. Yes, from Star Wars.  Anywho, as we slowly calmed down and drifted to la-la land, we heard the baby gate crash to the ground. The baby gate is at the end of the hall blocking our 12 year old pug from coming down the hall and waking the entire house. Pugs snore loudly. I used to be able to look past it, but after the children, I value sleep more than gold.
Brian jumped out of bed, knocked his lamp over, failed to turn it on twice, and took off down the hall. I got in the hall in time to see him disentangle Dylan from the gate. Hubby, “Are you okay?” Dylan, complete silence and that creepy sleepwalker stare. Of course he needed to use the bathroom, but he was asleep!
This is not an uncommon occurrence in our house.  Hubby once called me at work when we had a new puppy, the poor dog needed to go outside and Hubby is calling me at work saying, “I think the dog needs to print, I don’t know what to do.” I told him to go back asleep. I woke up once to find Hubby patting the wall down on my side of the bed, I said, “What are you doing?” He answered with a whimper; he was asleep and had made a wrong turn on the way to the bathroom. There have been many instances of sleepwalking over the years. Dylan completely freaked us out the first time he sleepwalked he just came in the living room and mumbled intelligibly then he tried to pee in the foyer. My little brother would sleep walk as a kid. He would come in the room, turn the light on, and stare at you. Creepy.
Naomi has recently joined the ranks of the sleepwalkers. She is scary. She will laugh uncontrollably and never wake up. She does not remember anything the next day. Now if we hear a noise we head down the hall wondering who is roaming the halls. Have a blessed day peeps!

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