Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mad Baby Blues

Yesterday I was sooooo frustrated with my children. My patience were “Gone with the Whine” (see what I did there?). Aydan has been in an exceptionally bad mood since he started cutting more teeth. I complained to more than one person how I was going crazy. The little booger wants me to hold him constantly.  Everything made him mad and the screaming was driving me batty.
The other monsters were just being messy, loud, wild kids. They do the normal things that kids always do like make gigantic messes and wait for me to clean them up, ignore my first request for them to do something, ask for candy constantly. I don’t understand the candy thing because we do not normally have candy laying around, so I think this particular kid takes after her Papa and Aunt Rae-Rae. (I’m southern ya’ll that’s pronounced Ant). She has a major sweet tooth.
I was desperately trying to get supper on the table before Hubby got home from work and watching a local news show at the same time. Multi-tasking is the art of doing too much at once and not doing any of it great. I am a pro multi-tasker. Any who, the news anchors were visiting an area in my state that had been hit by a tornado and they showed pictures of victims that had died. The last picture was of a very sweet baby . My heart broke.
What would this family that had lost their precious child give to have a cranky 18 month old? What would they think about my impatience with my kids? I’m not saying that I will never again get frustrated with my yay-hoos, but my goodness did the Lord give me a kick in the rear yesterday.
I was very convicted about my attitude and asked for forgiveness. Today will be better because I will make it better. I will also hug the stuffins’ out of my babies today.

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