Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lots Goin' On!

I hope the grapes have pollinated each other. I’m doubting it seriously though. I think that the new plant is just not mature enough. I have to weed today. The carrots are screaming out for help,”Here I am to save the day!”.  

Carrots in need!

My tomatoes are still a little green around the gills but they are growing and I am taking heart that they will be able to survive.
All of my potatoes are thriving, although, birds like to potty on my trash can potatoes, I don’t know why but I sure wish they would stop!
I know it's a bad picture but help please! The ugly dirty stick thing in the middle is the green bean plant.
Something ate it!
Some of my green beans are growing, others never had a chance. Do you know what killed them? Leave me a comment if you do, I want to prevent this with my second round of beans.
The onions are growing pretty well even though Hershey likes to run them down when she chases squirrels. On a side note, Hubby forgot where the girls and I planted the sunflowers and he MOWED them down. It is rare that he mows (I like to mow) and the one time he does he viciously murders my baby plants J
Oh, I just had to add some pictures of my lovely flowers, they make me happy!

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Now to my list from yesterday, I have marked the accomplished items off:
1)      Dishes
2)     Laundry
3)     Vacuum
4)     Make homemade hash browns to freeze
5)     Bake lunch bread
6)     Bake Strawberry Bread
7)     Bake Strawberry Muffins
8)     Freeze Strawberries
9)     Weed-Eat
10)  Weed the garden
11)   Unclog the bathtub
12)  Return stuff to Target
13)  Trim Dylan’s hair
14)  Dye my hair!
I think I did great! Today I may bake some muffins and freeze the rest of the strawberries. It’s going to be hotter than snot today, so if I work outside it will be early this morning. Here are some pictures of my breads:

I froze one dish of diced potatoes. The chore of getting out the food processor to shred the taters for hash browns seemed like a huge mess waiting to happen, so instead I diced the potatoes and froze them that way.Homemade French Fries were my choice for the rest of my taters and man they were a huge hit! All gone except for one little helping. I'll have pictures of these tater-happenings as I post the recipes.
The girls and I had a kettle corn disaster but other than that the day was  perfect. I’ll post recipe some recipes tomorrow. Have a blessed day peeps!

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  1. Wow. You are doing great!
    I wish I could help with the garden, but I'm new to this myself. Things look like they are coming along, though.
    Great job!


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