Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Well little man is finally not whining and crying this morning. This is honestly the first day in 1 whole, long, tiring week that he has been happy. Thank you Lord! Momma couldn't take much more. I truly am grateful. Now to the life we've been living the last few days.

We worked like dogs this past weekend. There is a giant blue dumpster in my front yard that is almost full of my basement! That's right folks she be goin' down fast! Hubby and I have smashed (my fave), hammered, crow barred, ripped, and sawed our way through our basement. This needed to be done 4 or 5 years ago but life kept getting in the way. Babies were busy being born or I was too pregnant to be any help. And frankly, I'd rather run to the mountains and play than work!

I have to say though it feels great to get that nasty junk out of my house. There were several places that the people before us put untreated wood against unsealed block or concrete. Seriously people this is a major no-no. Can you say mold and mildew? Yuck. Demolition will be done in a couple of weeks and then the major work of sealing and painting will  begin. Thank you Lord for a smart, handy, sweet, fantabulous provider of a husband.

Yesterday, a truck load of  "just put that in the basement" stuff headed out of here. For years, we just put it in the basement if it was in the way, or we bought a new one, etc. No more! A commitment has been made by both of us and we no longer will be putting "it" in the basement. We have a truck with a king cab. There was no room for anyone except the driver to ride. That's how full that puppy was. Hopefully someone can use all of the stuff. Sarah over at Thrifty Decor Chick calls this decrapification. Boy does it feel good to be decrapified!

Our goal is to make the basement a safe place for our family. We may build a bedroom down there but that is probably all. Depending on God's plan for us, we hope to move again in a few years (5 maybe). We want to follow His will for us so we'll see how it goes!

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