Thursday, October 13, 2011

I've Got That Crafty Feelin'

Sing that title to a Righteous Brothers tune. That crafty feeeeelin', whoa-whoa-woe. You feelin' it? You feelin' me?

Yes, I need help and a life.

Now on to the craft. Free craft by the way. I was able to choose a fabric swatch for free from an internet site about 2 months ago. That took me a while. Don't give me too many choices or it will overwhelm me. Fast forward a month and the swatch is setting on the dishwasher waiting for me to make it beautiful.

Here's what I chose for it's future. I had an old, very golden picture frame that I hated. I also had a mat out of another frame, and some black acrylic paint. So I got a paint brush and painted the frame. It's not perfect but that's part of what I love about it. Iron the fabric swatch, wait for the paint to dry, and TAA-DAA.

I'm sorry the pictures are terrible but I ain't no photographer. Have a good day peeps!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sledge Hammers and Electrocution

OK, I didn't actually get electrocuted, but I could have!

Here is what I am grateful for today... my sweet Hubby.

As some of you know I lost my mind and took a sledge hammer to my foyer. I've never liked the slate tile floor that was in there so I thought, "I'll get rid of it." Now, I didn't just go all crazy, Bob Vila meets The Terminator, until I called Hubbs and cleared the crazy with him first. He later revealed that he truly thought I had lost my mind. I told you before that he never tells me no, unless it's about chickens, I'm still working on him about that!

So...what a mess I made. The slate was hiding a layer,about 3 or 4 inches thick, of concrete and chicken wire. Remember, I have a basement rancher so I had concrete setting on these thin pieces of plywood that had been shimmed BETWEEN the joists. NO FLOOR. Do you follow me? I had NO REAL FLOOR.

We could not believe the mess we uncovered. It took all weekend and Monday to repair. This project started last Thursday morning. I really believed that I would bust up the tile, clean the floor, and lay down some new beautiful flooring. I should have known it wouldn't be simple this is MY house we're talking about here.

So the grateful part. Not just a handy Hubby, but a Hubby that works until he can't hardly move because of his love for me and the kids. He had to go to work today just so he could rest! He worked non-stop trying to repair the floor, correctly, so that we have a safe place to live. God truly blessed me the day I saw that 18 year old boy working in the denim department on the first day of my new job.

Just for the record, I did help with the repairs but I am more a gopher and grabber than anything else. I tried to measure a board for him and of course he had to redo it because I'm a goober.  Oh, and a nail I was trying to pull out severely kinked a hot wire and almost electrocuted me. That was a big diversion to fix and caused him at least 3 hrs of electrical work in the middle of his reconstruction. Sorry babe.

It did not help that I am apparently now completely afraid of falling to my death, so I was terrified to walk across those joists with nothing to catch me but the concrete basement floor 10 feet below. I did learn that I should never be a contestant of Fear Factor or Wipe Out. I'd lose hands down. He kept saying, "Just stay there Honey you don't have anything to prove to me." I think I was slowing him way down.

 Plus, I am notorious for hurting the Hubbs constantly. I swept concrete dust down into his face at one point, almost whacked him in the head with the level, almost tipped a huge sheet of 3/4 in. plywood on him when he was laying down repairing an outlet, and numerous other things. I also screwed some of the flooring down and on my 4th screw I stripped the last tip to the drill, of course that's also what made us quit working at 9:30pm on Sunday. So see, he should be really be grateful to me. Right??

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