Thursday, October 13, 2011

I've Got That Crafty Feelin'

Sing that title to a Righteous Brothers tune. That crafty feeeeelin', whoa-whoa-woe. You feelin' it? You feelin' me?

Yes, I need help and a life.

Now on to the craft. Free craft by the way. I was able to choose a fabric swatch for free from an internet site about 2 months ago. That took me a while. Don't give me too many choices or it will overwhelm me. Fast forward a month and the swatch is setting on the dishwasher waiting for me to make it beautiful.

Here's what I chose for it's future. I had an old, very golden picture frame that I hated. I also had a mat out of another frame, and some black acrylic paint. So I got a paint brush and painted the frame. It's not perfect but that's part of what I love about it. Iron the fabric swatch, wait for the paint to dry, and TAA-DAA.

I'm sorry the pictures are terrible but I ain't no photographer. Have a good day peeps!

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  1. That's really pretty, good job mi hermana! And continue to blog away!! :)

    I am making some brownies this weekend that you put little colored marshmallows on that look like ghosts and paint their faces (a whole kit from Target).


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