Friday, April 29, 2011

Stew on a Stormy Night

I am behind. I think I am always behind. I need to either get caught up permanently or change my thoughts about being behind. Anyway, let me tell you about using my  leftover ham repeatedly.  I made a super yummy ham for Easter. Crock pot overnight with brown sugar and coke. Yummers. It was truly finger lickin’ good. My Hubby was in heaven because ham is his fave!
I made homemade rolls to go to Easter dinner, they were so not my best. I had issues making them because I am a goober who apparently has to read the directions to a simple recipe every single time I make it. Sorry they weren’t great #3, I’ll do better next time.  So, yummy ham plus ok rolls equal fantastic ham biscuits for breakfast Monday & Tuesday (did you enjoy that math lesson?).
For supper on Tuesday, I made a casserole from the ham. I put rice, egg, sour cream, cream of mushroom soup, a bag of mixed veggies, and cheddar cheese together and ta-da. Nothing major, Lazy Mama remember? I also made some fried tater cakes from leftover mash potatoes, they were ok, but I could have done better. Of course we also had deviled eggs from Easter eggs. I won’t tell you what that did to Risky, just think about that a minute…
Anywho, on Wednesday I had a little less than half a casserole left. That casserole was great and everybody liked it  but it was extremely filling so you couldn’t eat much. What to do? Make stew!
I had some chicken stock in the freezer that I made last week. I pulled that out to thaw early in the day. I dumped it into the pot and got it hot (poet and didn’t know it!). Then I added the casserole by cutting it into small pieces with a knife in the dish and then just slipping it into the pot.  Add salt, pepper, cornstarch, dried chives, and a few leftover noodles and dinner is served (say that with a British accent). I grilled some ham and cheese sandwiches on homemade bread that I made earlier in the day. My Hubby loved it. He said I should serve that in a restaurant. Now, I thought it was yummy and hearty for the fam, but trust me this was so not something I’d order at a restaurant.
Later in the evening, we were rocked by the worst set of storms that my area had seen in over 30 years. It was scary and impressive. My little family experienced lots of rain, wind, lightening, and thunder.  I was ready to bend over and kiss my booty good-bye several times! The kids and I spent a fair amount of time in the basement. We were not hurt and sustained no damage. Others were not so lucky. My prayers are with everyone who is hurting. May God comfort and hold you tight during this difficult time.
In a very UNimportant side note, my garden survived the drenching. If I can walk on the swampy thing called my yard, I'll take pictures later to post. Have a blessed day!!

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