Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cuttin' the Curls

All you Mommas and Daddies out there have faced this dilemma, when to get that all important first hair cut. My littlest little guy had a mass of hair on his big ol' head. He was so adorable and precious and meaner than a snake! The Hubbs said, "He's getting his hair cut 'cause I'm tired of people calling him a girl." Hubby is so cute when he tries to be firm. :)

I waited. Then I put it off. Delayed the inevitable as long as possible. Then even I had to admit, it was time. So with all of the yahoos in tow (except the one incarcerated at our local elementary school) we went to the salon. Well, not really the salon, we went to the closest place that I had a coupon for, I'm cheap, remember? It was the stylist's first day at that fine establishment when in comes Psycho Mommy. We were the only ones there so I felt free to snap pictures the whole. entire. time. Poor lady.

Remember I said that little one is meaner than a snake? I was kinda hoping that when we cut his hair off it would have a Sampson effect on him, cut the hair lose the strength, right? Not so much, he's just as mean and still absolutely adorable. I started to choke up a few times. I could have bawled, but amazingly I held back. My baby crossed another growth milestone, my last baby, (sniff) I think I'll cry now.

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