Thursday, April 21, 2011

Quiet Time

I actually got up on time this morning. You probably don’t understand what an accomplishment that is for me but trust me, it’s big. I’ve struggled for months with a drowning depression that makes it hard for me to get up in the morning. If I didn’t have 4 kids that needed me, I don’t know if I would have ever have gotten out of bed.
This morning though I was determined to carve out time with God. I need time that is uninterrupted to read God words, pray, and LISTEN. It’s hard to listen to the Lord when little voices are breaking in all the time saying Mommy, Hey Mommy, she hit me, he bit me, I bumped my head, etc. etc. Now, this is not the kids fault, it’s mine.  God deserves better from me and I need more time alone in his presence.
So this morning, I woke up, got dressed and groomed, made some coffee and sat down to study my bible. I do not say this with pride or braggingly. I say it with humility and a little shame. I am ashamed that at 33 years old I have only maintained a steady quiet time of bible study for a short time in my life. Yes, I have studied my bible at regular intervals over the years, but I don’t believe that I have done it often enough or consistently enough to really grow where God needs me to be.
Today I started my day in the Lord’s presence, for that I am awed and grateful. Have a great day!

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