Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Onions, Blueberries, & Okra, Oh My!

I had so much fun yesterday. The kids and I went out in the morning and pretty much stayed out all day.  I cleared weeds out of the garden for the first part of the morning, which I’m sure will last all of 1 day since it is now raining. I always love finding my little plants springing up through the dirt. Green beans, onions, and potatoes are the first to show through. The okra may not make it though, because the seeds were a gift from my Grandmother and she said they were old.  If I don’t see some little plants by next week I’ll replant. Dylan and I have an extreme love of fried okra so we have to make them grow. Not the fried with batter okra that you buy in the grocery store, although we will devour that, I’m talking about okra stirred into cornmeal with salt and pepper, country style. Well, I don’t know if that is country style or cheap style but country sounds better so that’s what I’m going with.
Now let me tell you about my other excitement. I bought another grape vine! I have one that has grown on our fence since we moved in here but these grapes need to cross pollinate so all this vine has ever done is grow along the entire fence up into the poor, sick, apple tree. Soooo, I put a little friend out there! Will this work? I have no clue! What if this is a muscadine vine? Does that matter? Is it too late this season for them to pollinate each other? So many questions, so little knowledge.
The strawberry patch is feeding my unwelcome rabbit family well. Very well. There have been at least 5 strawberries that we were almost ready to pick only to come back the next day and find them chewed. GRRR! Naomi and I were watching one yesterday morning only to go back after lunch to find it nibbled on! My husband has a task this weekend… Not kill the rabbits! Sheeesh. Put up some rabbit proof fencing is what I meant. Visions of Elmer Fudd are dancing through my head.
I kept the blueberry bush and bought him a girlfriend. I planted them along the fence line together. So exciting. I was sad thinking that I would probably have no blueberries this year since they had bloomed already. Later,  I forced a tour of my plants on Hubby, he said,”They were probably pollinated at the store before you bought them.” Well duh. I’m so dumb sometimes. They probably have the best chance of being pollinated this year from being with all the other blueberry plants.
Finally, me and my girls planted some beautiful daisies that they picked out. I planted a peony that my Mom bought me and we planted sunflower seeds. I also transplanted a Jacob’s Ladder vine (plant?) that seems to be doing great. I’ll take pictures and follow up later if the rain stops. As a side note, while typing out this little post my baby managed to dump an entire can of paint on the floor. Holy cow, what a freaking mess!

Join the Gardening fun at Frugal Gardening 101 with Smockity Frocks, The Finer Things in Life, and Getting Freedom. I'm really enjoying this series.


  1. Thanks for adding your link to Frugal Gardening 101. I hope you will add the link to this post so your readers can join the fun.

  2. We are wanting to add some grapevines into our landscaping next year. We eat grapes like candy around here! Thanks for linking up!


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