Friday, April 22, 2011


Wednesday it was a full can of paint. Yep, the whole can, my darling angel baby knocked it into the floor and swoosh paint went everywhere. Don’t ask why it was available to knock over this was not my fault. Well, yeah it was, but that is beside the point. In my panic, I finally decided the best thing to do was to start scooping by hand.  Scoop after scoop, and many, many paper towels later it was finally sort of clean. I, on the other hand, was covered in paint.  I can still see some speckles of paint on me 2 days later. I have showered I promise, and I have scrubbed my poor skin raw but still the paint remains.

Thursday it was a half a bag of dog food. You know the big ol’ bags from Sam’s.? Those 50 pounders? I needed to dump some into the dog food bin so instead of waiting for Hubby to help I took it upon myself to pour it in the bin. Sometimes I go all nutty and work like a bull in a china shop and even though I have this little angel on my shoulder saying, “You know this could turn out badly” , I don’t slow down and regroup, I go for it. And boy do I pay for it! So as I’m sure you’ve guessed, dog food went everywhere! Aydan said, “Huh Oh!”.  You said it right son. Thank goodness that I have a big ol’ sturdy broom from Sam’s to clean with.
This morning Aydan took the last of the big bag of potatoes and dumped them off the dishwasher into the dogs’ water bowl.  {Sigh}.  Water everywhere.  2 towels later I finally cleaned it up. You may think that I’m complaining and well, I am, but… I’m grateful too. Grateful that I have these things to get messed up in the first place. Grateful that I have the ability to clean the messes as they happen. Grateful that I have that little baby to help me make these messes.
Today is Good Friday. The day my Jesus gave it all for me.  Trust me, I’m not worth it, but he loved me then and he loves me now. I’m going to take a moment to think about my savior and how he died for me.  This is my favorite holiday. It’s not about toys and we don’t get caught up in that. It’s about a miracle beyond measure, a gift that is so big but so easy all you have to do is accept it. Thank you Lord for your unending love and thank you for cleaning up the messes I make in my own life.

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