Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lookin' Good!

Okay, real quick, have you ever gone out in public and felt sorry for the people who have to look at you? That was me today. I looked decent enough when I dropped my older 2 kids off at basketball camp. All was fine. Of course, there was much yelling and irritation before we left the house.

When we got back home (me and the 4 kids not in ball camp), my poor sunburned back could no longer handle the constraint of the bra. It came off and a nicer softer sports-bra went on. Then on came the "work-in-yard" clothes, you know the shorts with green paint on them from 4 years ago and the shirt that I technically bought for Hubby and then stole? 

Then I put on the dirty garden flip-flops with my unpolished toenails as of last night. No make-up. Then I decided to go out in the garden and plant beans. Sweating profusely was also on the menu. Dirt too, lots of it. Then I came in and cooled off for an hour before returning to pick up the young-uns. To change or not to change, that was the question.

You know what I decided? I didn't give a poop what the people at the basketball camp thought. They would see me or not, for all of 30 seconds before I got my kid and ran to get the other one. Poop on'em. So off I went in all of my homey glory. You know I felt so sorry for the folks that had to look at me. I think I still had dirt on the back of my leg. I sure am glad I didn't change though; I get sick of tackling my bra 4 times a day. If you see me in public and I'm looking kind of funky, just remember that I am a little crazy. Just a little ;-)

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