Thursday, June 16, 2011

Garden Antics

I know you are all holding your breath for an update on my garden. Well, let it out people 'cause here it comes! Wooo-weee feel that hillbilly holler! Sorry, lost control for a second.


All the taters are gone. They're in my belly. They were delicious although I really wanted more. The garbage can didn't work. I just got the same yield of taters from that can as from the garden. Oh well. We have green beans but because only a few of the original plants survived, I am literally getting 4 or 5 beans at a time. I saved the beans up and went to cook them for supper one night. Guess what I did? Put'em in a pot and forgot. Burnt them suckers good when all the water boiled off. Granny had just told me to keep an eye on them for that very reason. Grrrrrr. I'm a goober.

We've had very little rain in the last month so I have been having to water the plants. The tomatoes are finally growing. Two little ones and Aydan walked up to one, and snapped the main part of the plant that it was growing on. We tried to salvage it and stake the stem with a big stick but alas, methinks she's a slowly dying.

The stick that tried to save a tomato plant.

You must understand that my Man doesn't give a flip about this garden. He shows interest in it because he loves me. He is so wonderful that after he finished jack-hammering in the basement the other night he went out back and cut down a bunch of tree limbs that were shading my garden too much. Ain't he the sweetest thing.

Part of the Okra
The okra is still growing and the rest of my beans are catching up to the original plants. Tiny little cucumbers, squash and zucchini are growing as well. I picked a bunch of onions and had those with dinner last night, yum. The carrots you say? Ah, the carrots. We've picked two. The first was so little it was non-existent. The second carrot was a big strapping fellow that I was so excited about. So excited that I left it outside all night. It was like a limp noodle the next day. Grrrr.

The rain yesterday beat
 the tar out of my carrots.

Crouching Momma, Hidden Zucchini

You know what I just realized? I'm my garden's own worst enemy. Oh and the beautiful blueberries, the freaking rabbit family ate them all!! I was so heart broke that I almost cried. Hubby thinks I've lost it, and well, I have but who cares...

Zucchini and Squash row.


  1. Your garden is looking great! I had one of my wee tomatoes picked by my 4 year old, he was so proud I couldn't be mad. And our bunny stripped all of the leaves off of one of our blueberry bushes! So, you are not alone!

    BTW your "crouching momma hidden zucchini" caption cracked me up!


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