Friday, July 1, 2011

Blessed Beyond Reason

Does it ever hit you that you are blessed beyond reason? It hits me a couple of times a day usually about the time that I am finishing up griping about something.

"All the kids do is make a mess for me to clean!". Thank God that I have these healthy beautiful children to clean up after. They make my world go round. The good Lord knew what he was doing when he put them in my care.

"I don't know what to cook for supper tonight!" Thank God that I have options on what to cook for dinner and plenty of food to cook with.

"This house always needs something repaired!". Thank God for the roof over my head to keep my family and I warm and dry.

"He never cleans up his bathroom." That's because he has no time between work and helping with the kids and fixing whatever breaks around here. Thank God for my wonderful Hubby.

"Lord, sometimes I don't understand this world or why you've put me in it." Thank you Lord for my savior, Jesus, who stands before me with loving patience (lots of patience) and guidance. I certainly am undeserving.

You get the idea I'm sure. Have a blessed 4th of July folks!

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